Academic Publications

Price search, consumption inequality and expenditure inequality over the life cycle”, with Bulent Guler and Temel Taskin (forthcoming at International Economic Review)
” Risk sharing and real exchange rates: the role of non-tradable sector and trend shocks” with C Akkoyun and M Kilinc, Journal of International Money and Finance, vol 73, part A, May 2017, pp 232-48. Also published as BIS Working Papers, no 613.
” Joint dynamics of house prices and foreclosures” with B Guler and T Taskin, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, vol 47, issue S1, March/April 2015, pp 133-69.
” Expectation errors, uncertainty, and economic activity” with A Atabek, T Hulagu and S Sahinoz, Oxford Economic Papers, vol 67, no 3, February 2015, pp 634-60.
” Global imbalances, current account rebalancing and exchange rate adjustments” with M Kılınç and M I Turhan, Journal of Policy Modeling, vol 37, no 1, March-April 2015, pp 324-41.
” Interest rate fluctuations and equilibrium in the housing market“, The BE Journal of Macroeconomics, vol 14, no 1, February 2014, pp 173-204.
Anticipated vs unanticipated house price movements and transaction volume” with B Kanik and B Koksal, Journal of Housing Economics, vol 28, issue c, 2015, pp 121-9.
” Housing prices and transaction volume” with C Akkoyun and B Kanik, Journal of Housing Economics, vol 22, no 2, June 2013, pp 119-134.
” Quality growth versus inflation in Turkey” with E Ceritoglu, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, vol 49, no 2, 2013, pp 31-43.

BIS Policy Publications

The fiscal response to the Covid-19 crisis in advanced and emerging market economies” with Enrique Alberola-Ila , Gong Cheng and Richhild Moessner BIS Bulletin  |  No 23 Jun 2020
Central bank bond purchases in emerging market economies” with Mathias Drehmann and Boris Hofmann BIS Bulletin  |  No 20 Jun 2020
The size of foreign exchange reserves” with Carlos Cantú BIS Papers  |  No 104, Jul 2019
Globalisation and deglobalisation in emerging market economies: facts and trends” with Juan Contreras , Nikhil Patel and Chang Shu BIS Papers  |  No 100, Nov 2017
How has globalisation affected emerging market economies?” with Juan Contreras , Nikhil Patel and Chang Shu BIS Papers  |  No 100, Nov 2017
Macroprudential frameworks: implementation and effectiveness” with Christian Upper BIS Papers  |  No 94, Feb 2017
The inflation process” with Martina Jašová and Előd Takáts BIS Papers  |  No 89, Dec 2016